Not Half Bad

Comes from Words - Justine Macauley

Elizia Milton is the assistant of Samson Barnaby, some sort of scholar, she doesn't really know. Something with books. Her job is it, to run errands for him, deliver letters, pick up packages. And she is happy to do it. Barnaby is a distant relative who took her in because her parents can't provide the same kind of lifestyle. But what Elizia really wants to do is to become Barnaby's apprentice and learn all the secrets that he keeps from her.

In her own time, she works at a steamfactory for the Mechanized Order (there are 11 orders) without anyone knowing to help with the magic shortage.

The novel is set in the late 19th century and is a bit steampunk like. There are dwarves, dragons, centaurs, magic, and dangerous books. Magic is an energy source just like coal and it begins to recede, so people can't use more than a certain amount of magic every day. That was kind of interesting because I haven't read a book with the same approach. The whole book was intersesting and really not bad for a 0,98€ ebook. I assumed a bad story and a bad writing style but I was surprised in a good way. The end was a bit complicated and confusing but other than that I liked it. The end sounded like there will be a second book but I didn't find anything on that or the author. We will see.