Women of the Otherworld

Bitten  - Kelley Armstrong

Nine years ago, Elena Michaels was bitten by her boyfriend Clay, a werewolf, and now she is the only female werewolf in existens. 14 months ago she left the Pack (there is only one pack in the world) because she wants to have a normal human life. She found a new boyfriend and moved in with him but she has to hide her true self.

Now the Pack Alpha, Jeremy, calls her home to help track down a mutt (a werewolf that does not belong to the Pack) that killed a young woman. When she gets there, all the old feelings, especially for Clay, come back and she has to figure out what she really wants.

Meanwhile the Pack finds out that there are more than one mutt in the area and they target the Pack together, something that never happened before because mutts are loners.

I started to watch "Bitten" (a new TV show) and wanted to read the book because the author is a producer on the show, so I thought it can't be that bad. And it isn't. It's actually pretty the same, the episodes are even named after chapters.

The book was good. Not super duper great and I don't have the urge to buy the next book of the series right now (but I will in the next couple of months) but good enough. I liked the way the werewolves were described and their nature. It all made sense. I also liked that there are not hundreds or thousands of werewolves all over the world but just about 35 because you either inherit the gene (when you're male) or you get bitten and only a few survive that.

This book just featured werewolfs but in the next books there also will be witches and demons and I like witches and demons so hopefully I won't get disappointed.