God's work and the Devil's work

The Cider House Rules - John Irving

Homer Wells is an orphan at St. Cloud's orphanage and he is happy there. He doesn't want to get adopted, he wants to be useful, so he helps out Dr Larch, the founder. He is in charge of the boys and of bringing babys into the world but also gives abortions. Homer is supposed to be Dr Larch's successor but he doesn't want to perform abortions.

One day a young couple about Homer's age comes to the orphanage to get an abortion. Wally's family has an apple orchard and Homer goes with him and Candy to work there for some time. Dr Larch wants him to see something other than the orphanage and have some friends his own age. Of course Homer falls in love with Candy and Candy falls in love with him but she also loves Wally, so no problems there. Then the war comes and Wally wants to fight. Homer can't because Dr Larch invented some heart defect to prevent him from going to war. Wally is presumed dead and Homer and Candy start a relationship. She gets pregnant, they go to St. Cloud's for some time, the baby is born, Wally is alive but paralyzed, they go back to the orchard, they tell everyone that Homer adopted a boy, Candy marries Wally, Candy and Homer still sleep together, they all live together, everyone knows the truth, still they don't tell anybody (for 15 years), Angel (they son) doesn't even know that Candy is his mother.

That's about it. Some weird stuff happened in between, like Homer keeping some of Candy's pupic hair after her abortion, she finding out and thinking it's romantic. It also was written like it was totally normal. Dr Larch invented a mail correspondance with a dead orphan and even got a second typewriter for it. Granted, it comes in handy at the end but it still doesn't really make any sense.

I didn't really like Dr Larch. Homer didn't want to become a doctor and didn't want to perform abortions and Dr Larch wanted to make him instead of letting Homer do what he wants with his life.

The end was kind of boring and undramatic. Candy told Wally and Homer told Angel but we don't know how they reacted. Apparently everything was fine because Candy and Wally are still married and Angel still lives with them when Homer takes on the identity of Fuzzy Stone (the dead kid) to be the successor of Dr Larch and to perform abortions. It was weird...