Humans vs Angels

Angelfall  - Susan Ee

Angels are attacking humans and are destroying everything. There is no electricity, no cell phone reception and no food. The apocalypse has started.

Penryn, her handicapped sister and her mentally ill mother have to leave their home because they are afraid the street gangs will ransack their house. On the street they witness an unusuall event. Angels fight against angels, well against one. This one angel is attacked by five others,  they cut off his wings and than kidnapp Penryn's little sister, while her mother runs away. So in order to find her sister, Penryn has to work with the enemy.

Raffe, the angel (guess which one...), needs his wings to be sewn back on, which is why he reluctantly agrees to help Penryn find the angel's aerie.

The main plot is not hard to guess. They travel together, hate each other at first but then fall in love. The stuff that happens in-between is just weird. Penryn's crazy mother follows them, does weird stuff, talks to demons, and is really paranoid. Children disappear all over the cities, people are being eaten by human-demons or something, Penryn has nightmares, that of course kind of come true (but she somehow doesn't notice it, even though it's totally obvious).

I feel like i don't know anything about this world. We don't know why the angels are on earth and bring on the apocalypse or if it is the apocalypse, we don't know why Raffe's wings were being cut of (well, kind of but not really), and the end is just stupid, even though there is gonna be a second book.

It was nice for turning your brain off during finals weeks but some things just didn't make any sense. And I didn't really like Penryn (it was written in the first person) but I don't know why ^^