Waking up to a new world

Beyond the Night  - Joss Ware, Colleen Gleason

Elliot and his friends are in a cave in Sedona when they are hit by some kind of energy blast. When they wake up, 50 years have passed and the world they knew doesn't exist anymore. Cities are destroyed and only few people have survived the natural disasters. At night the gangas come out, big creepy things that kidnapp blond people (still don't know why but I have a guess) and eat the others. Only good thing about them: they are pretty dumb and can't climb stairs.

Elliot and Quent have acquired "superpowers". Elliot, a doctor, can scan people with his hands to see their insuries, can absorb them and pass them on to someone else (which comes in handy when you really hate someone, but not good when you do it accidentally and kill someone). Quent can see memories by touching things. Also, they all are pretty strong. Eventually they come to Envy (used to be Las Vegas, which is now right next to the ocean), the largest known settlement, where they find one of the survivers from 50 years ago, Lou.

Along with the gangas came the Strangers. They look like humans but have one or two crystals imbedded in their skin that make them immortal. They act all nice but really are the cause of everything and they controll the gangas.

"Beyond the Night" is the first of (I'm guessing four) books. Not the best book ever written and not very deep but still kind of fun. A new race of humans want to take over the world, monsters who are picky and a couple of friends who have developed superpowers and find love (of course...).

I still don't know what really happened but I wanna find out. There wasn't a real cliffhanger but some unresolved things that I can't quite figure out and I hate that. And I wanna know if the other guys have developed powers and if they really can't age (their hair and fingernails don't grow) and how the gangas were created and and and...