The Women of Carcassonne

Citadel  - Kate Mosse

Carcassonne 1942: A spirited and courageous young woman, Sandrine, finds herself drawn into the world of the Resistance in Carcassonne under German Occupation. Her network - codenamed 'Citadel' - is made up of ordinary women who risk everything to fight the sinister battles raging in the shadows around them. As the war reaches its violent and bloody conclusion, Sandrine's fate is tied up with that of three very different men. But who is the real enemy? Who is the real threat? And who is the true guardian of the ancient secrets that for generations have drawn people to the foothills of the Pyrenean mountains? (Orion)

1. It is the Second World War. Of course the Nazis are the bad guys. They are "the real enemy" and "the real threat". Duh.

2. Her fate is tied up to more than three men. Four actually.

3. All that starts in '42 not at the "violent and bloody conclusion" of the war.

Seriously, who writes that stuff??


The story itself is not so bad, although not as good as "Labyrinth" and "Sepulchre". It doesn't have as many flashbacks and they are very short. There is also not a real surprise at the end because, like I said, it is clear who the bad guy is.

Unfortunatly I didn't notice that Audric Baillard is actualy one of the characters from "Labyrinth" until the very end. Mabye the book would have been cooler if I had noticed.

But what really bothered me were (like in many, many other books) the German sentences. "Wait outside" was translated into "Warten draußen", "Stop" into "Halten Sie". Are there no people who speak German outside of Germany?? I mean, these are not difficult sentences.

I didn't like the fantastic element of the story: a secret codex from the 4th century that is supposed to bring an army of ghosts to rid the Midi of evil. Or something like that. It was a bit absurd, I think,

Something positiv: I really liked Sandrine and the network. Women fighting for their freedom and their families.

It sound worse than it is. It is actual a very decent book and you get a lot of background on the people of the Midi during the war. But I still prefer "Labyrinth".